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Logging with log4net in SharePoint

It’s actually pretty easy – I spend several hours looking for right answers how to use log4net logging properly in custom WSS feature/web part. I found several guides on Internet mostly containing points as:

  • modify manually your web.config
  • add loading script to your global.asax page
  • add manually log4net library into SafeControls
  • restart IIS app pool after the installment

Actually you don’t need anything from this list, it’s much simpler…

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Hello world!

Migration of my BloQ to new system is complete – the old BloQ is now located on address It contains all previous posts and also new diary from our trip to Florida and Atlanta. Related photo gallery is here: photos from Kennedy Space Center.

Please note comments are now disabled on the old site. If you want to comment any posts from the old blog, just write it right below this article, thanks 🙂