Monthly Archives: March 2011

New line characters in XML

Just a small hint – have you ever been wondering, how to put newline characters into XML document? typical string with escape sequence like ‘\n’ can’t be used, because this string has no special meaning in XML. Instead of you need to use hexadecimal escaped character: 
 for newline or 
 for carriage return. Simple, isn’t it?

Fixing Lightword Theme in Internet Explorer 9

I have found some time ago, that my blog is not properly displayed in latest Internet Explorer 9 – all headers are gone. I just ignored this issue for some time, until now – final IE9 has been released, it’s a sign to do something about it. Well, I googled what the problem might be – when inspecting the structure of a page I noticed, that all headers are written using some strange <cufon> tags. ¬†As I found, Cufon is a very interesting way how to incorporate non-standard fonts on a web pages, but sadly in IE9 it wasn’t working as expected.

There are basically two usable solutions – the easy one and the right one. In the easy one just add meta tag to your page saying “render this page in IE8 compatible mode”:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

This works, but somehow we all feel it’s not the right solution.

The right one is just downloading fixed version of cufon.js library and replacing existing cufon-yui.js file in Lightword Theme folder. Sounds pretty easy:

You can download the updated file from this location. It’s also good idea to minify the size of this file using for example this site. Done.