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Fixing Lightword Theme in Internet Explorer 9

I have found some time ago, that my blog is not properly displayed in latest Internet Explorer 9 - all headers are gone. I just ignored this issue for some time, until now - final IE9 has been released, it's a sign to do something about it. Well, I googled what the problem might be - when inspecting the structure of a page I noticed, that all headers are written using some strange <cufon> tags.  As I found, Cufon is a very interesting way how to incorporate non-standard fonts on a web pages, but sadly in IE9 it wasn't working as expected.

There are basically two usable solutions - the easy one and the right one. In the easy one just add meta tag to your page saying "render this page in IE8 compatible mode":

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />

This works, but somehow we all feel it's not the right solution.

The right one is just downloading fixed version of cufon.js library and replacing existing cufon-yui.js file in Lightword Theme folder. Sounds pretty easy:

You can download the updated file from this location. It's also good idea to minify the size of this file using for example this site. Done.


  • Tomaj

    Thanks, dude!
    I had the same problem, the whole site wasn’t centered but aligned to the left side of the window (only in IE of course) plus a lot of minor problems with displaying the CSS styles properly.
    Putting the meta tag in head worked perfectly. Unfortunately updating just the cufon library didn’t helped at all…

  • Anonymous

    Here is the answer
    delete from functions.php
    $cufon_header_script = “nnn/**/”;

    If found it on ->

  • Martin

    I did what sabo79 advised to do and it worked perfectly. I first tried downloading the updated cufon.js file from the link provided on this page but the link was dead. I didn’t want to use the meta tag method because it wasn’t specified which page to add the tag to. So, in the end, I used sabo79’s method.

  • Hi, thanks first.
    I got this problem too, and resolved by sabo79’s method. I think your advice can resolve this problem too.
    PS.  the cufon.js address is wrong in your post.