Long time no see!

It was almost year ago since when I wrote my last article here. It was in Summer 2011 when I was trying my first Windows Phone development steps, testing WP7.5 Mango beta on my HTC HD7 and plannig to port Fish Fillets to this platform. Lot of stuff happened since then. Right now I got almost 10 apps published in Windows Phone Marketplace and more than 100 000 downloads, not bad I dare to say 🙂

I have also just recently started developing Windows 8 Metro applications – it’s a whole new platform, not yet stabilized, but it’s quite tempting to be one of first publishers on Windows Store, isn’t it? In the upcoming days I’ll try to collect and write down all my thoughts and discoveries about development for this platform. So stay tuned for lot of useful tips, tricks and hints you might need to know, if you plan to dive into this platform as well.