Windows 8 Cloud Comics Reader

My upcoming application for Windows 8 called “Cloud Comics Reader” is already in development and I’m happy to share with you first information and screenshots.

The application Cloud Comics Reader could be described as “Advanced RSS reader for various web comics sources” – It downloads automatically new strips from well knows web comics pages like Garfield, XKCD, PhdComics, Geek And Poke, and others, and shows these comics strips in comfortable way. Currently it shows latest strips in overview or in full screen mode with simple swipe gesture browsing.

Application is currently in early beta phase – the application logic is getting better each day, new features are being added and also feedback from various testers is being put into consideration. The final feature set is not yet known, but you can surely expect these goodies:

  • Live Tile and lock screen notification about new comics’ strips for favorite comics’ sources
  • Transparent Image caching for off-line viewing
  • Implementation of full Share and Search contracts
  • Semantic Zoom, Flip View and other standard Windows 8 UI features
  • Mechanism for adding new comics sources using in-app updates
  • and lot more

But that’s not all – together with Windows 8 app there is also new Windows Phone 7 application with almost same feature set in development. This app for Windows Phone should be ready in July/August.

And here are the promised screenshots, let me know, what do you think 🙂